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Instant Soluble Agar
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Instant Soluble Agar

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Agar, named as agar-agar, is one kind of polysaccharide from gracilaria and other red algae. Due to its special gel forming and healthy characteristics, it has been widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical and biological industries. On the basis of normal agar, Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co,.Ltd produces the low temperature instant soluble agar with scientific technology. It has the characteristics of better solubility in low temperature and faster solubility speed, it can be totally dissolved around 55℃ in ten minutes. Also it possess some special characteristics with good thickening, gel forming, suspension, taste improvement and dietary fiber supplement. --Yogurt, milk and other dairy products --Fruit juice and other solid drinks --Jelly pudding products --Kastar sauce products --Canned products --Candy, etc. . For this new year, we hope we can have more clients from all over the world. If we can become good partners for each other, please feel free to contact us and we will try to respond to you as soon as we can, no matter how small your question is. We can provide customized services, and if you are interested in us, send us inquiries right away, and we will provide good services and attractive prices to you as much as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you very much!
BrandGlobal ocean aga
Country of originFujian, China
Gel strength(g/c㎡)500-1500
Starch testpassed test
Yeast and mold(cfu/g)≤500
Solubility temperature≥ 55 °C
Lead(ppm)≤ 3 mg/kg
Arsenic (As)(ppm)3 mg/kg
Pricesplease contact us
OEM/ODM serviceavailable
Servicesbefore and after sales
Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co., Ltd.,
As a Sino-foreign sci-tech joint venture company in China specializing in R&D, production and distribution of algae hydrocolloids, Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was founded in 1990 with the bigger agar and carrageenan factory facing to domestic and international markets. By adopting the seaweeds from Indonesia and China as the raw materials, Fujian Global Ocean relies on its advanced processing technology and improved extraction technology to produce every product with high quality; our major products are food grade agar, bacteriological agar, instant soluble agar, carrageenan, agaro-oligosaccharide and their compound products, the total yearly production capacity can up to 3000 tons. Our products are authorized by ISO, HALAL and KOSHER, also can meet China national standards and EU standards, and are well sold throughout China and exported to Southeast Asian, European and American regions, etc. As the key to marine biotechnology demonstration enterprises in China, Fujian Global Ocean has conducted and established extensive and in-depth cooperation and exchange with large scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning at home and abroad; its professionalized production and internationalized market leaves the company always winning customer compliments and cognition. By following the social sense of responsibility, keeping on achieving innovation and breakthrough, and chasing the best quality and perfect service, Fujian Global Ocean is devoted to providing customers at home and abroad the safe, healthy and environmental series products and services. Social Responsibility: ➽Enterprises and employees The company has always adhered to the people-oriented concept, protect the rights and interests of enterprise employees, providing free accommodation and nightingales for production line employees, establishing an employee suggestion mailbox, listen to the voice of employees, and strive to create a platform for the common growth of enterprises and employees. ➽Enterprises,suppliers and customers In terms of suppliers and customers, its long-term friendly cooperation with the company has been sustained during the reporting period. Adhering to the concept of honesty and trustworthiness, the company seeks development with suppliers and customers, and the cooperation fit has been further strengthened. ➽Enterprise and society As an unlisted public company, the company pays great attention to its social responsibility as an unlisted public company while striving for economic returns to shareholders. In order to deeply implement the national poverty alleviation development strategy and spirit, the company has made active efforts to play the role of unlisted public companies in serving the national poverty alleviation strategy. During the reporting period, the company has implemented targeted poverty alleviation planning in various ways, and in recent years, it has donated tens of thousands of yuan to support the construction of poor areas.
More about the company
Global ocean aga
Country of origin
Fujian, China
Year established
Main product
food grade/ bacteriological/instant soluble agar, carrageenan, etc.
Main product
Southeast Asian, Europe, American regions, etc
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